A Letter From Superintendent, Dr. Pam Vogel

Dear Parents and Students,

All of the administrators are discussing things often, through email and virtual meetings, to see how things are going for our students.

It's still our hope that we can keep all students engaged in learning during the time when they are at home. Also, as was mentioned in a previous communication to families, we understand what a challenging time this is for everyone and we want to make certain that we are not giving too much schoolwork for students, parents, and teachers to manage. We also want to ensure that we are providing time for students who may be getting behind in their schoolwork to have the time to complete assignments.

In our last administration meeting, we have decided to change some of our days and how instruction is planned.

Over the next two weeks, the days will change as follows:

Beginning this week, there will be no actual classes scheduled on Fridays.  

This time will be used for: 

  • Students to catch-up on work assignments
  • Teachers who wish to attend virtual sessions to support Distance Learning 
  • Specials teachers, such as art, music, and P.E. to have this day to follow up with students
  • Planning time for teachers
  • Students who can make up NYP’s, from the previous marking period. (This would occur if the student can show through discussion or demonstration with their teacher that they have demonstrated the learning and the work is their own. There may be additional days added later for NYP makeup days.) 

Beginning next week, on March 30:

The High School will be using a Day 1/Day 2 schedule, with Periods 1-4 on Mondays and Wednesdays, and Periods 5-8 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Fridays will be used as listed above. 

Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences

We had originally planned for these conferences in the next week or two, but due to the extension of time that we will be out of school, conferences will be conducted later, probably sometime in mid-April. Our principals will be in communication with teachers and parents about this.

Conferences will be somewhat different, but we all still want to communicate with each other. Teachers will check-in with students, and parents/guardians. We realize these may not all be student-led conferences, but we want to find a time that works with each parent and the student, so that these are student-involved, as the student can describe their learning. Teachers will schedule a time with families as we get closer to the time of holding conferences.

Meals for Delivery

Please remember that the school, community agencies, and the White Hart, in Salisbury, are preparing meals for our students of all ages (including little ones at home) and this food is available due to "Emergency School Closures". There is no charge to any family and our buses are helping to deliver food to homes. If you have not yet signed up for these and wish to receive them, please contact your school principal. 

Also, there is NEW INFORMATION that just came to us today. Any of the school sites that are preparing food for meals can also serve meals for all children 18 and younger and the children and do not have to be attending the school in the district. So, home school children or families who attend schools in other places, but who live in the area, can also receive meals. Please notify families of this change. We will post this on our Region One School District Facebook Page, as well as the Region One School District website.

And, a very big "Thank You" to everyone who has helped make this great program happen!

Spring Break

We will maintain our Spring Break time. Since we did begin Distance Learning immediately and missed very little school time, we expect that everyone will need a break away from the routines we currently are following. 

Region One Unity:

We have started a great and supportive program; we hope you will participate! Thank you to Dr. Alicia Roy for this creative thinking about a way to help all of us know that caring people in our communities are here to support each other.

 “Our region is very strong.  We are showing our strength in so many ways.  Here's one more way, and I hope you will join in.  It's pretty simple.  Create hearts out of any kind of paper you have, then decorate them any way you wish.  Paste the hearts on the windows of your home, on your car, or even on your mailbox.  Let people know that we are Region 1 Strong.  When you then leave your home for food or take a safe walk in the neighborhood, you can smile, when you see the hearts, knowing that we are all in this together.”

And lastly,

If you have not heard this news yet, the Governor has ordered schools closed until at least April 20, due to the risk of the Coronavirus and our need to stay in our homes and keep social distancing. 

We greatly appreciate the work that our principals, teachers and support staff are doing. Everyone has been working very hard to do their best through this time.  And thank you to parents, for helping to see that your children strive to continue some kind of normal schedule for learning at home. Many of our students will be able to achieve more through your support.

We will get through this, and we all can anticipate that we will have learned a great deal from this time in our lives.

Be safe - stay healthy- and take care of yourselves and each other.

Dr. Pam Vogel

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Food Program

As you know, Wednesday was the 1st day of meal deliveries. We realize there were several glitches that need to be worked out. Thank you for being patient with us while we try to improve this service. After running the delivery route once, it has become apparent that we can not deliver to doorsteps. Instead, due to bus and road restrictions, we will need to deliver to the end of the driveway (unless you are contacted separately)  

In order to protect the food and prevent illness, we ask that you have a big enough cooler or several smaller coolers for your delivery. If you know you will not be getting the food quickly, be sure to put ice or ice packs in the cooler. We expect deliveries for tomorrow to be between 10am-2pm and will work on getting more specific times later next week. Patti will send an email when we have been notified that all deliveries are complete for the day. 

Also, the good news is that we have learned that we are now able to offer meals for children in the house under the age of 18 even if they are not enrolled in our school. For example, if you have a 3 year old you may now request a meal for them. Likewise, if you have an older student in a private school you can request a meal for them as well. In order to add another child to your existing order, please email Sue Bucceri at sbucceri@salisburycentral.org. In order to start this on Monday, we will need your email by 1:30pm on Friday. 

If you have not signed up for delivery yet, but wish to do so please complete this form. We can add deliveries for Monday as long as the form is complete by 1:30pm on Friday. 

Please feel free to contact us with any concerns.

Our Mission

The Salisbury Central School learning community works together to empower all students to be inquisitive, independent, and responsible citizens of the global   society. We guide and foster each child’s intellectual, emotional, social and physical development in a safe, challenging, supportive, and collaborative learning environment. We are committed to ensuring that all students leave us prepared for successful learning beyond our school.

We Believe:
All students can learn
All students will have equitable access to an effective instructional program
All staff are committed to continuous professional growth and improvement
All members of the community are partners in the learning process
All members of the community respect one another







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