Sign-up for conferences begins on

3:00 PM Friday, October 13th – 12:00 PM Monday,  October 23rd

This web based service can be accessed 24/7 during this time period. Please schedule your conferences through this site and not the classroom teacher. Thank you for your cooperation.

Important Conference Information


Welcome to our online conference scheduler. If you have a parent account set up, you should be able to log in as you did last year. If you are new to the school, you will have to create an account. (To do this, click on the link to the right of this box.)

 If you have any questions or have difficulty using the program, please email Jen Segalla at

Please Keep In Mind

Conferences will be held in person this year. These are student involved conferences, so please bring your student with you to discuss their progress with their teachers. (Excluding EK and PreK students.)

Families who do not have access to the Internet may call Jen Segalla  (860) 435-9871, ext 139 to schedule conferences.

You will be able to sign-up for conferences beginning Friday, October 13th – Monday, October 23rd at noon. This web based service can be accessed 24/7 during this time period. Elementary parents should sign up for a conference with your child's homeroom teacher unless you have received other communication about who to schedule with. You are also encouraged to sigh up for slots with any of the specials teachers or intervention or enrichment specialists that your child sees. Mr. Conklin and Mrs. Magyar have conference slots open as well. 


  • Fall Conference sign ups will open at 3:00 on Friday the 13th of October.
  • You will meet with one middle school teacher who currently teaches your child.
  • You should expect an email from that teacher on or before Monday, October 16th. Please be sure to only sign up with this teacher. They will be representing the whole core team and will have information from all of your child’s teachers to share with you.
  • You may also sign up for Specials teachers separately. We strongly encourage students to join these conferences as well.


Family Conference Portal

Please Click HERE for Conference Scheduler