Bus and Transportation Information


Bus Schedule


 Please take a careful look at our bus routes this year.  You may not ride the same bus as last year. If there is not a specific time listed next to a stop figure roughly the time in between the times give before and after.

 Bus 26  Bus 29
 Bus 27  Bus 30
 Bus 28  PreK

 Bus routes run in the same order in the afternoon, departing Salisbury Central at approximately 3:15 pm. If you have any questions, please call Pat Stevens at 435-9871.

Transportation Note

Below is a link for transportation notes. Our policy states that any bus, pick-up, or walker changes need to be in writing and to the office no later than 12 noon. Middle school students must follow the same procedures and hand in their note to Mrs. Clark in the Middle School office. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Stevens in the elementary office.

 Transportation Note.pdf 


Cancellations, Delays, Dismissals

It is important for you to know:

• The decision on cancellation or delay is made between 4:00 a.m. and 5:30 a.m.

• Early dismissal decisions are made by 11:00 a.m.

• The decision is communicated to radio and TV stations as soon as it is made. You will be able to learn if schools are delayed, cancelled or being dismissed early, by tuning in to any of the nine radio stations or television stations covering the region and the State or your local channels (WTIC, WKZE, WZBG, WQQQ, WSBS, WDAQ/WLAD, WTNH-TV8, WFSB-TV3 and WVIT-TV30).

• All delays will be  2 hour in length, if a delay is determined to be the best course of action for the day.

• The parent is the best judge of the conditions in your neighborhood or on your hill or road. Please know that if you do not think it is safe to send your child on the bus then you should use your best judgment in making that decision. Road conditions can vary extremely on roads and hills in our 275 square mile region.

• All available town road crews are consulted about each town’s road conditions, as are the CT State Police, and the State road crew.

• Please understand the safety of our children is the reason why school is cancelled or delayed. We do what we can to make the most appropriate call for conditions.

Dismissal Policy

In order for our dismissal procedure to be effective and allow us to be accountable for each student, our main office will be placing each student into one of the categories below:

Category for Dismissal 
 Bus rider  The student usually takes the bus home from school each day
 Walker  The student usually walks home each day
 Pick-up The student is usually picked up by a parent at the end of each day.
Only after a note has been sent to the main office.

Please note:
Each student will start the year either as a “Bus rider” or “Walker.” In order for your child to be moved into the “Pickup” category you must send a note to the main office indicating you will be picking your child up every day (or specific days of the week) for the entire school year.

If you would like your child to do something different than his/her category describes – you must inform the office in writing. For example: If your child is a “Bus rider” and you need to pick him up because of a dentist appointment, you must send a note.

By reading the Dismissal Guidelines carefully and using the information above, you can help us make our dismissal time efficient and safe. Thank you in advance for your cooperation! If you have questions or concerns please contact the office at 435-9871.


Drop-Off and Pick-Up Protocol

Our three transportation options...

1. full service - your child takes the bus!

2. self-service - you drive your child to/from school, park your car in the parking lot, and walk your child to/from the building

3. drive-through service - you pull into the main circle… in the morning you "stop, drop and go"…in the afternoon you "stop, pick-up and roll"!

If you choose the drive-through service…

Remember - the main circle is not to be used as a parking lot!

Imagine if you were in the drive-thru of a fast-food restaurant and the person in the car in front of you got out of her car, went inside and started chatting with a friend!

Please have your child exit/enter from your car curbside.

Please respect the "No Idling" signs.

If at pick-up your child is nowhere in sight, please pull ahead so that others waiting behind you can pick-up without having to wait.

Dismissal Guidelines

Guidelines For Students Who Wish to Travel on a Different Bus:

  • Students will be allowed to travel on a different bus only to get off at an established stop.
  • Students may only ride a different bus with written permission from a parent or guardian. (Please do not use email, voice mail, or fax.)
  • Written permission must be received in the office by noon of the day that the student is to ride a different bus. Except in the case of emergency, students who do not have a note into the office by noon will not be allowed to travel on another bus.
  • Up to 3 students may go home with a student on a bus. If more than 3 students wish to go on a bus to get off at the same stop, then the inviting parent should contact Patti Stevens in the main office several days prior to check on the availability of seats.
  • Please be aware that a few of the buses have limited additional seating. If your request to ride a different bus cannot be honored you will be contacted by the main office.

Guidelines For Parents Who Are Picking Up Students in the Upper Building Traffic Circle:

  • To enter the upper building traffic circle please use the first upper building driveway (driveway entrance is halfway between the lower and upper building) and travel through the parking lot into the traffic circle.
  •   Please pull as far around the traffic circle as possible.
  • As dismissal begins (3:05) please be in your car, ready to receive your student. Please do not leave your car unattended to walk and find your child. The teacher supervisors will help your child get to your car safely.

  • Leave the traffic circle by using the exit immediately in front of you to get on to Lincoln City Road.

Guidelines For Parents Who Are Picking Up Students in the Middle School Traffic Circle:

  • To enter the middle school traffic circle please use the first driveway on the right as you go up Lincoln City Road. Travel around the circle until you are in front of the main entrance of the middle school.
  • The teacher on duty will check off each student as they are picked up.


Guidelines For Students Who Walk Home After School:

  • All upper building walkers will be released to the lower lobby (by the gym entrance) where their dismissal will be supervised by an adult.
  • Walkers from the middle school building will be released from either the 6th grade door (near Mr. Denza’s room) or lower 8th grade door (near Mr. Conklin’s room). They will travel around the back of the building, avoiding the traffic circle, to get to the sidewalk.