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The Media Center is open every school day from 8:30 am - 3:15 pm. You may come down anytime during the school day, as long as you have permission from your teacher. You will also come in once a week for book exchange during your assigned class time. Students are allowed to borrow books on a daily basis, as long as they bring a book back to exchange.

Circulation -
Students in kindergarten may check out one book. Students in first through third grade may check out two books. Fourth through eighth grade may check out 2 pleasure books and  books for research. All books are checked out for one week. Books may always be renewed if someone else is not waiting for it.

Media Center Behavior -
To ensure that all students show respect and take responsibility when in the media center, we have three rules: Be kind, be safe, and be responsible. You are expected to be on your best behavior in the media center. Remember to walk at all times, use a quiet, inside voice, push in your chair before you leave, and be RESPECTFUL to the books, materials, and people using the media center.

Caring for Books -

  • Students in Kindergarten through fifth grade will be given a cloth bag with their name on it. Be sure to bring your book home and back to school in this bag to protect it from rain or snow.
  • Keep your book in a special place at home so you can always find it.
  • Make sure your hands are clean when handling library books.
  • Eat before or after reading your book so you do not get food on your book.
  • Keep your books away from pets. They may think the book is a toy and chew on it.
  • Keep your books away from small children. They may color in them or tear the pages.
  • Turn the pages carefully from the top corner.
  • Use a bookmark instead of folding the corners.
  • Never color or write in library books.
  • Return your books on time and in good condition so other students can enjoy them too.
  • If something happens to your book, please tell Ms. Allyn. 

Red Book Bags

Children in Kindergarten through fifth grade have tote bags for their library books. These bright red bags were purchased to carry their library book back and forth to school and home.

We insist that all students carry their library books in a bag. So many books are returned with juice all over them from being placed in their backpacks unprotected. Please help us by making sure all library books are in their red bags and zipped up. Only library books should go in their book bags

At the end of the school year I will be collecting all the bags. They will be returned in the fall when students have their first day of library. I will send home a notice in early May reminding everyone to return their bags. 

The bags will be used throughout their years at Salisbury Central. The PTO has generously made the commitment to purchase new bags each year for incoming kindergartners and new students. If your bag gets lost or damaged you may purchase a new one from the school library media center for $16.00.