School Information

P.O. Bos 1808
45 Lincoln City Road
Lakeville, CT  06039

Our School Day


   Drop Off Begins   Instruction Begins   Instruction Ends   Student Dismissal 
  Elementary Building 8:30 am 8:40 am 3:03 pm 3:10 pm
  Middle School Building  8:25 am 8:35 am 3:00 pm 3:05 pm


Late Openings - All late openings will be 2 hours


Home of the Red Hawks

School Pledge

At SCS we treat each other with respect, keep each other safe, and take responsibility for ourselves and our learning


School Song

"Salisbury's Fantastic"

Salisbury's fantastic, Salisbury's fine,

Really great teachers for example mine.

We do a lot of great things,

Learning is so much fun!

And after doing all of that we've only just begun.

Because we're meeting new people,

Making new friends,

Playing on the playground,

The fun just never ends.

We're the Red Hawks and we're really great!

This we'd like you to know.

Look out here we go!