Dress Code




Salisbury Central School makes a clear distinction between clothing items that are appropriate for outdoors or for home, and clothing that is appropriate for a school. This dress code was implemented to keep the focus on learning and mirror future workplace expectations. 

Clothing that does not meet the above expectations includes:

  • clothing that references or depicts drugs, alcohol, tobacco, profanity, sexually explicit language, violence, hate groups, other harassing categories, or evidencing inappropriate or discriminatory language. 
  • clothing that allows for visible undergarments
  • crop tops, midriff tops (shirts must meet top of pants)
  • shorts and skirts that expose buttocks from the top or bottom 
  • pajamas (except on spirit days)


In addition, safe and appropriate footwear must be worn at all times, especially during recess activities (Gaga Pit, basketball, 4-square, etc.). For Physical Education, students are expected to be properly dressed to engage in moderate to strenuous physical activity. To ensure a successful learning experience, students are expected to wear athletic clothing that allows for safe and active movements to be performed without restriction.



PK-3 - hats are not to be worn in the building except on spirit days. Hats may be worn for recess. 

4-5 - appropriate and non-distracting hats may be worn in class on Fridays only. There may be opportunities to earn more hat days throughout the year.

6-8 - appropriate and not-distracting hats may be worn. 

Teachers reserve the right to ask students to remove their hats in certain venues. 



Students and families will receive the dress code in July in order to aid in back to school shopping. 

Teachers will review the dress code guidelines on Day 1.  Students and families will be given reminders and warnings for the 1st week as needed. 

Beginning on Tuesday, September 5th students who are in violation of the dress code will be asked to change. The options will be:

-Change of clothing from their locker 

-Change of clothing provided from office (t-shirt and athletic shorts)

-Change of clothing brought to school by the family 


 If the inability to meet dress expectations becomes repetitive, a behavior referral form will be submitted and parent/guardian contact will be made to determine interventions and supports that best meet the needs of the student.



Exceptions to the above dress code will be considered for medical reasons, special events, cultural beliefs, or to promote school spirit as determined by the school principal. Permission from the school administration must be granted prior to the event or activity.