EK - 2 Reading Incentive Program

    Star Readers!!


It has always been a goal of Salisbury Central to instill a love for reading in each child. This year we are encouraging this by having “Books Bring Me Joy”, a reading incentive program for students in early kindergarten through second grade.

When students read at least ten picture books or four chapter books a month they will have their name placed on a bulletin board and receive a certificate at the end of each month. Please take time each night to read to your child, or have him/her read to you. Once you have read a book, please write the title of the book on the reading sheet that is attached. Then return the list of books back to your classroom teacher at the end of each month. This year we are trying to conserve paper. All monthly sheets will be posted on the school web site rather than sending them home in the Friday Folder. This will be the only letter that will go home this year. All sheets will be on the web site under "School Resources". If you do not have a computer and printer at home, please let your child’s teacher know and we will be happy to send home a copy each month.

We hope this will be a pleasant family experience for parents and children. If you have any questions, please call Trudy Allyn at 435-9871.