Learning Links


These links are provided for classroom and home use. Every website that we link to has been reviewed by a staff member.However, sites change and may have links to other sites which we have not yet reviewed. Salisbury Central School does not support, endorse, or take responsibility for the content of any link once you have left the Salisbury Central School website.

Students, be sure to get permission from a parent or teacher before leaving the Salisbury Central School website. And remember this internet safety rule: Never give out your full name or other personal information online.

Here are some of our favorite early childhood links! They address a variety of subjects including parenting issues, child development and fun activities for kids! Have fun!

A commercial-free educational channel dedicated to preschoolers. NOGGIN’s on-line interactive activities will stimulate, challenge and engage your kids at every turn.

Sesame Place
A great site taking you right down to Sesame Street

Kid Source
Addresses parenting issues while providing new information about government recalls, nutrition and health, and child safety.

A favorite, that includes neat ideas for parents, teachers, and students!