Seek  Originate Aspire  Reach
Welcome to SOAR, as we continue to celebrate our 20th year of operation, and roll out a year of all remote after school workshops so we can continue to offer our signature enrichment opportunities during the pandemic.

Our Mission

 SOAR is a community funded and directed organization dedicated to providing enrichment programs to the students of Salisbury Central School in areas not addressed in their daily school curriculum. We are committed to providing high quality programs at a reasonable cost to those who can pay, and free of charge to those who need assistance. 



Who's Who of SOAR

Linda Sloane
Program Director: teacher and educational consultant

Phone: home - 860.453.4234
Cell Phone 860.485.4845

Board of Directors

Keith Marks– Board Chair

Keavy Bedell – Vice-Chair

Darcy Boynton – Program Liaison

Janet Graff – Treasurer

Katie Baldwin

Lisa Bradley

Tony Bright

Jean-Michele Campagne

Karen Hamilton

Josie Heacox

Karen Lundeen

Ben Metcalf

Brenda Sprague


Program Committee

Monica Belter

Darcy Boynton

Marta Eso

Lisa Fenton

Maria Grace

Carol Hackett

Stephanie Magyar

Kristen Neary

Molly Salisbury

Seek Originate Aspire Reach

Class Catalog

What Is SOAR

SOAR promotes the self-discovery, talents and interests of every child at SCS. Our goal is to foster and build a life-long love of learning and engagement. We implement our mission in a variety of ways: 

  • After School Programs: developing and arranging unique and enriching after-school programs and opportunities 
  • In-School Programs: organizing in-school assemblies, “2 Books, 1 School” 
  • Teacher Grants: providing mini-grants to SCS teachers for curriculum enhancing opportunities 
  • Community Building Events: hosting community-building programs and events (like the SOAR Trivia Challenge and the Fall Festival Pop-up Crafts Booth) that provide an opportunity for SCS students to engage with the wider community in a positive and rewarding way. 
  • Remote After School Classes:  our latest addition of services in response to the on-going COVID-19 crisis so we can continue to offer after-school workshops to the children at Salisbury Central School.                                                                  


 Seek Originate Aspire Reach

The History of SOAR

"The Quality of a public school is the mirror of the community; it affects the future of the community, the people it attracts and the values of the community."
(Zenas Block, Founder)

"I want to make a contribution and have fun." Zenas Block

This was the mission of Zenas Block, the founder of the Salisbury Central Educational Enrichment Fund and it's key program. SOAR stands for Seek, Originate, Aim, Reach.

A product of the NYC public school system, K-12 and college, Zenas had a passion for the critical role public schools play in our communities and our world. He loved and believed in Salisbury and supporting the children of his community became his passion.

After being involved with SCS and serving on the Board of Finance for a number of years, Zenas asked the principal, Mr. C. Zbynek Gold, a question,  "What would you do if money were no object?" The answer: provide enrichment programs that would never make it into the regular school curriculum. With the talent and hard work of Mr. Gold and Karen Lundeen, the first director, the first SOAR classes were held in the fall of 2000.

Professionally, Zenas was a chemist, business executive, entrepreneur and business school professor. At his core, he was a curious creator and never stopped learning, growing and expanding. He wanted to make opportunities for questioning, looking and trying out new ideas for every student at SCS in partnership with the school and the greater community.

Over his lifetime he was awarded 19 patents, built many businesses and developed some of the first graduate level courses and research on entrepreneurship. The SCS Fund was his final project and was as important and as fulfilling as any of his ventures. SOAR is still imbued in his spirit...we are making a contribution and having fun. Each year, The Zenas Block Award for Excellence in Science is given to an 8th grader as a way to honor Zenas' legacy.

Janet Andre Block


SOAR Behavioral Expectations

All students attending Salisbury Central School are welcome and eligible to attend SOAR workshops. While attending these workshops, the same behavioral expectations that exist during the school day are also expected during all SOAR workshops, whether they take place on the SCS campus or off-site.

All students attending SOAR workshops are expected to: Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe.

Below is what these expectations would look like during a SOAR workshop, similar to those expected during the school day in any classroom setting.

  Expectations    What these expectations look like in a SOAR workshop?  
  Be Respectful  
  • Stop, listen and make eye contact when someone speaks to you  
  • Follow directions of instructor and/or other adults
  • Use quiet voices as directed, especially when inside
  • Use good manners
  • Be kind with your actions and words
  • Take care of school/SOAR property
  • Tell the truth
  Be Responsible  
  •  Arrive for a workshop ready to learn
  • Be an active participant in class
  • Complete all activities/projects as assigned
  • Leave no trace
  Be Safe
  • Walk while inside classrooms and the school building, and as directed by instructors who teach outdoors 
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • Maintain personal space
  • Follow school safety procedures
  • Be sure an instructor/adult knows where you are at all times

When a student misbehaves during a SOAR workshop, the instructors and Director will respond in an appropriate way to address the behavior and all offenses will be handled in a thoughtful, case-by-case and discreet manner. Most of the time SOAR instructors are able to handle every day, minor infractions within the context of the workshop, and no further action is required. There are times however, when a workshop behavior is more serious or persistent and requires intervention by the SOAR Director. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, the Director will determine the appropriate response or reaction. This could include everything from being removed from the workshop for a short period of time with the opportunity to return to the class, to removal for the remaining time of the workshop for that particular day with an opportunity to try again at the next session, to a child being asked to withdraw from a workshop for the rest of the remaining classes. If the incident is of a more serious nature the parents of all children involved in the offense or situation, perpetrator(s) and victim(s) included, will be contacted and a confidential incident report will be written. As deemed appropriate, this report/situation will be shared with the SCS administration. SOAR and the school can then work together to determine the best course of action. 

Here are examples of minor and major problem behaviors as listed in the SCS student handbook that might occur in a workshop. Please note that many behaviors are exhibited on a continuum of minor or more serious, so as a result they are listed on both lists: 

  Minor Problem Behavior     Major Problem Behavior
  • Inappropriate language
  • Physical contact (minor) 
  • Lying 
  • Unnecessary talking/noise
  • Disruption of class 
  • Defiance/disrespect 
  • Abusive/profane language 
  • Physical contact (major) 
  • Lying
  • Harassment/Bullying/Teasing 
  • Disruption of class 
  • Defiance/disrespect
  • Property damage/vandalism

 SOAR will do its best to ensure a positive experience for all students enrolled in workshops. It will work with the school and home, as needed to provide appropriate supports and guidance so each child can enjoy a successful experience.