K - 8 Summer Reading Challenge

Two Books, One School
Promoting Community and Family Literacy

This is required reading. The books were chosen with reading pleasure and wide-ranging discussion possibilities in mind. Remember to read the book for your grade level before the start of school.


Besides reading your required book we are participating in the Governor's Summer Reading Challenge. Keep track of every book you read this summer on the Reading Journal and hand it in to your teacher during the first week of school. Let's see if we can read enough books to win the Governor's challenge and get an invitation to the capitol! Your required book counts as one, so be sure to write it down in your journal. We are looking for 100% participation this year.

Can we do it?  YES WE CAN!!!


Required Books



                                        For grades Kindergarten - 4th                                                                                 For grades 5 - 8th 



Why Summer Reading  Is Important

Reading is the most important skill there is. Research shows that reading is crucial to a child’s brain development and intellectual stimulation. And that’s just the beginning:


Reading is a gateway skill. It opens the door to all other learning.

Reading is the processing of information. It requires the student to develop a capacity for conceptual thinking — an ability to think about the nature and significance of things.

Reading builds language skills. By becoming more familiar with language through reading, students build a rich vocabulary and an ability to express themselves clearly and creatively.

Reading builds better thinking strategies. Analyzing words, sentences, themes and meaning; concentrating, conceptualizing and visualizing — all these elements of reading are strategies to expand a student’s ability to think.

Reading is active and disciplined. Students learn to choose what they read and when they read, and they learn to discipline themselves to concentrate on the written word.

The best thing you can do is to read for 20 minutes each day!

Enjoy a good book!