Sports Information


Academic/Athletic Policy

Participation on a school's interscholastic athletic team is a privilege and not a right. Academics will be a priority, and student athletes are required to meet and maintain academic and behavioral standards. At any evaluation point a student athlete must not be in danger of failing any of his or her courses. Any student athlete not conforming to this academic standard shall be prohibited from participating in interscholastic competition until the school has determined that the matter has been properly addressed.

In addition, if at any evaluation point it is determined that the student athlete is demonstrating a pattern of behavior that is detrimental to their academic achievement and progress, a plan of action will be implemented to most effectively remedy the situation.

Each student athlete must also be in good standing regarding his or her school's Code of Conduct. Any student athlete not conforming to this behavioral standard shall be prohibited from participating in interscholastic competition until the school determines that the matter has been properly addressed.

Action Plan Procedure:

When it has been determined that a student athlete is in danger of failing a class OR is demonstrating a pattern of behavior detrimental to his or her academic progress, the following steps will be taken:

  • A phone call will be made to a parent/guardian notifying him or her of the situation.
  • Upon notification of the parent/guardian, the student athlete will be referred to the middle school team, where the process of developing a positive intervention action plan will begin.
  • Elements of the action plan will include whether or not the student will be placed on academic probation regarding their athletics, as well as establishing a date to review whether or not progress has been made

Permission Slip

Interscholastic After-School Sports Permission Slip


All students wishing to participate in the after-school sports program must be enrolled in the regular school insurance plan OR submit a note signed by a parent or legal guardian stating that the student has adequate coverage. Such a note may be written on the bottom of this sheet. Students are covered for injuries incurred during scheduled practices and contests by participation in the school insurance plan.

In compliance with school policy concerning students engaged in the after-school sports program, physicals are required of all participants. Every year families provide the school with a copy of their child's physical. The school nurse MUST have a copy of your child's physical before he/she can compete in interscholastic athletics.

Please fill out and sign the following permission slip and return it to school as soon as possible. If you are not enrolled in the school insurance plan, please use the bottom of the slip to indicate that you have adequate coverage. If your child wishes to participate in more than one sport during this school year, please indicate so on the form. No further permission forms will be necessary.

My child,________________________________________________ 
has my permission to participate in the after-school sports program at Salisbury Central School. 
NOTE: This also includes permission to remain after school for all scheduled practices.

Permission is granted to participate in the following sports: 
(Check those applicable.)
_____ Soccer (Boys or Girls)                           _____ Softball (Girls)
_____ Basketball (Boys or Girls)                      _____ Baseball (Boys)

Please check the appropriate insurance information.
We are enrolled in the school insurance plan. _____
We have adequate insurance separate from the school plan._____

____________________________________    ________________
Signature of parent of guardian                           Date

Basketball Highlights

February 2 - The boys’ basketball team are consecutive year Champions! The boys defeated a very skilled and hardworking Kent team yesterday by a score of 42-34. The boys played an amazing game led by James with 20 points.  Other notable scoring performances were Caleb with 7, Landon with 6, Jacob with 4, Tim with 3, and Zim scored his first basket of the year. What a way to end the season! The Redhawks played intense and relentless defense grabbing tough rebounds and making steals. Jake, Kai, Austin, Ruslan, Damien, Tim, Aman, Griffin, Pablo, and Ken all grabbed important rebounds, created steals, and turnovers.  Mr. Janco is extremely proud of how the boys played this entire season!  The boys grew and improved as individual players as well as a team! Amazing season boys!  Practicing for next year starts right now!

The Salisbury Redhawks finished their undefeated season with a competitive game against Kent.  The girls did what they do best, they put pressure on the ball with a full court press and controlled the ball on offense.  Emma and Sydney once again lead the team scoring 24 of the 30 points.  Right before the first half ended, Abby was in perfect position, she grabbed an important rebound and put it back up for her first points of the season!   Congratulations on being Region One Champions girls!  You should be proud of an outstanding season!

February 1 - 
Yesterday the boys' basketball team defeated Sharon at home yesterday 62-26. The boys played an amazing game demonstrating teamwork as 12 different players scored a basket.  Niko scored his first basket of the season.  Landon S., Caleb, and James showed their leadership on offense and defense with their scoring, assists, rebounds, and sportsmanship.  Other notable performances were turned in by Jacob with 8 points, Austin added 6, Jake, Ruslan, and Pablo added four each, and Aman added 5.  Well done boys! Last game is today at Kent, wish the boys luck as they look to go undefeated in conference play!

Salisbury Central recorded another win against Sharon.  Team chemistry is very evident, the girls successfully control the ball and communicate well of the court. Nichole played her best game yet, grabbing rebounds, putting up shots and playing great defense.  Jazmine impressed all of us with her knowledge of the game in such a short amount of time, she is a ball player now!  Sarah, Lola and Meg had 2 baskets each while Sydney had 9 points and Emma had 7 points. We look forward to our last game of the season Thursday night at Kent

January 20 -  
On Friday, the boys basketball team had a non conference game against Hotchkiss Thirds. Unfortunately, the boys were defeated at home by a score of 48-17.  The boys played with incredible intensity and defense.  The first half was a very close game as the boys only trailed Hotchkiss 26-12.  Landon S. led Salisbury with 9 points. Caleb, Jacob, and Austin were the only other players to score.  Salisbury’s defense proved to be very difficult but Hotchkiss dominated the rebounds and were able to finish easy baskets to pull away in the third quarter.  The boys also could not buy a basket in the second half.  However, the boys showed true determination and fight throughout the whole game.  Kai, Aman, Zim, Damien, Ken, Ruslan, Tim, and Jake all played extremely hard and should be proud of how they played.  Next game is Wednesday at home vs. Sharon.  

January 19 - 
 Thursday night proved to be the Redhawks toughest feat yet.  Without James their leader and highest scorer, the boys had to step up in a variety of roles.  The first half saw many lead changes as the fast paced, frantic pace that did not bode well for either team.  Coming out of halftime with a tied ball game, the Redhawks turned up the heat.  Landon S. led the team in every aspect of the game.  He took care of the ball offensively, pulled down key rebounds and scored 10 points. Along with Landon, Caleb played extremely well despite being in foul trouble.  Caleb scored a game high 15 points and made countless assists.  Tim and Landon G. both had beautiful three point play opportunities.  Austin played phenomenal, especially on the defensive boards.  All in all, this team was extremely exciting to watch play!

The Lady Redhawks improve their record to 8 - 0.  The Salisbury girls played an exciting game against the combined Cornwall and Falls Villages girls.  A few girls stood out for huge improvements. Charlotte  played her best game yet, controlling rebounds and even putting up a few shots.  Abby played extremely well defensively and had a bunch of offensive opportunities. Megan had a great game on both the offensive and defensive end.  She took the ball to the basket multiple times for layups.

January 12 -  Yesterday the Redhawks battled North Canaan in their toughest game of the year.  The Redhawks were missing four of their contributing players so the rest of the team had to pick up the slack and play their best games of the season.  The Redhawks had a comfortable lead by halftime thanks to James who made 22 of his 26 points in the first two quarters.  Salisbury led 36-13 at the half.  However, the third quarter belonged to North Canaan.  With James out due to foul trouble, the boys had to play with a smaller quicker lineup.  Unfortunately, none of the Redhawks shots would fall and North Canaan battled back to leave the score 41-33 at the end of the third.  The Redhawks suffered another challenge in the fourth quarter as James went down with an ankle injury and was out for the rest of the game.  However, the boys refused to give up and let this deter them for winning this game.  Landon S., Caleb, Aman, Kai, Jake, Damien, Austin, all played some their best game of the season contributing made baskets, defensive rebounds, steals, and clutch free throws to seal the win of 56-46.  Mr. Janco could not have been more proud of how his whole team performed!  Well done boys! Next game is Thursday away at Cornwall.  

Wednesday afternoon the Lady Redhawks took on North Canaan for the second time this season.  Canaan was certainly hungry for a win but our tenacious defense held strong and led us to a 33 - 8 win.  

Some highlights include:

Sydney had a game high 18 points.  

Molly and Josie provided an extremely necessary spark coming off the bench in the first quarter.

Nichole scored her first points of the season.

January 9 -
Yesterday the boys’ basketball team traveled to Sharon and won by a score of 49-30 improving their record to 6-1.  Sharon played hard for the first half of basketball battling and outplaying the Redhawks intensity.  The Redhawks came out with a higher intensity after halftime led by James with 13 of his 19 points in the third quarter.  The Redhawks only gave up three points in the third quarter thanks to strong defensive performances from Jacob, Austin, Niko, Landon G., and Landon S.  However, the highlight of the game was when Pablo scored his first points of the season with a nice drive and shot in the middle of the paint.  The Redhawks bench erupted with cheer!  Well done boys!

Half way through their season the Lady Redhawks are 6-0!  Monday night they faced Sharon, their most tenacious competitor yet. The first quarter ended with the Redhawks winning 14-10.  This led to a 17 to 2 run by the fired up Redhawks and they never looked back.  Meg led the team with fantastic full court defense, creating turnovers left and right.  While Sydney, Lola and Emma led the team scoring 38 of the team’s 45 points.   Come see this exciting team play on Wednesday right after school.


January 3:  Yesterday, the boys' basketball team traveled to Webutuck and defeated them 40-21.  James led the way offensively with 15 points.  Other notable offensive performances were turned in by Caleb with 7, Aman with 6, Jacob with 4, and Landon, Tim, Damien, and Ruslan also scoring a basket each.  However, the Redhawks defense was yet again unstoppable.  The boys won the battle on the boards dominating in rebounding and boxing out.  Huge defensive performances were given by Jacob, Kai, Zim, Caleb.  The defensive MVP went to Ruslan.  He battled and fought off players twice his size and collected 6 rebounds.  Well done boys! Next game is Monday @ Sharon.

Playing a game the day after a long vacation can prove difficult but the girls' basketball team overcame that obstacle beating an undefeated Webutuck team 38-26.  Salisbury proved they were able to handle and control the ball with terrific ball movement throughout the entire game.  Sydney led the team with 21 points while Emma contributed 13.  Charlotte grabbed countless rebounds and Meg had a beautiful three point play.  We look forward to playing a skilled Sharon team on Monday!

December 20:  On Tuesday, the boys' basketball team won their 3rd game in a row beating Cornwall/Kellogg 54-42.  The Redhawks played their best offensive game of the season as they moved the ball all around the court to open players.  Shoutouts go to Landon who had his best game of the season with 12 points, James with 18, and Tim, Austin, and Aman who also had their best games of the season adding in a combined 14 points and all season highs for each of them.  Once again the Redhawks were solid defensively. Caleb, Ruslan and Jake were aggressively stealing multiple passes and dribbles.  The Redhawks won the battle on the glass too as huge contributions in rebounding came from James, Jacob, Kai, and Zim.  Next game is Tuesday January 3 after the holiday break away at Webutuck! Have a Happy Holiday everyone!

On Tuesday afternoon the girls' basketball team held their own against a combined team of Cornwall and Falls Village players.  Salisbury came away with a 41-14 win.  Some highlights include:

  • Sydney scored a season high 22 points
  • Jazmine had a beautiful rebound and then assist to a basket by Molly
  • Nichole, Tabitha and Megan all recorded their first baskets of the season

December 19:   
Yesterday the boys basketball team won against a tough Kent team by a score of 43-29.  James led the way on offense scoring a game high of 25 points! Landon  and Garrett  also had great offensive games and helped score a couple baskets.  Jacob, Tim, Caleb, and Ruslan also made the stat sheet.  The Redhawks consistent press defense has been a deciding factor this season.  Great defensive efforts were shown by James, Jacob, Damien, and Landon Good down low fighting for rebounds as well as Tim, Austin, Niko, and Caleb up top looking to steal.  The Redhawks will try to keep this winning streak going today as they play Cornwall at SCS at 5:00! Wish them luck!

Kent was certainly a challenge! But the Lady Redhawks played aggressive defense starting with the impenetrable press which led Salisbury to a 42 - 30 win over Kent.  Emma was player of the game scoring double digits, tallying countless blocks and handling the ball against Kent’s press. Sydney contributed 18 points to the win on multiple fast break opportunities and free throws.  This young but energetic team is so fun to watch! Come see for yourself today right after school at home!

December 16:   On Friday afternoon the girls' basketball traveled over the river and through the woods to play against Steiner.  Offensively the girls showed a great deal of improvement.  They were passing and cutting, screening and rolling and even capitalizing on a give and go!  Meg and Lola led the team in scoring, with 6 points each.  Josie, Corrine, Kirstyn, Sydney. Molly, and Kayleen also contributed to the solid 26-3 win.  We look forward to a difficult game today at home against Kent at 5 pm!

December 14: Yesterday the boys' basketball team played a hard fought game against IMS.  Unfortunately the Redhawks were defeated losing 46-17.  However, the Redhawks gave 100% intensity and effort until the fourth quarter horn at the end.  James led the Redhawks in scoring with 10 points.  Landon, Caleb, and Austin also added a basket each.  On the defensive side, great performances were seen from Tim, Jacob, Garrett, Jack, and Damien as they constantly were harassing the IMS players with their zone defense.  Next game is tomorrow at Steiner!  Wish the boys luck!  

December 5:  Yesterday the boys' basketball team defeated a big and tough North Canaan team 39-33.  The Redhawks defense and constant pressure on the ball was the deciding factor in the game.  The whole team played incredible pressure defense forcing many turnovers by North Canaan.  James led the way in scoring with 25 points.  Landon, Caleb, Tim, Jacob, Damien, and Ruslan also added points to contribute to the victory.  The Redhawks composure and ball movement in the last quarter was key in the end as North Canaan could not get the ball back.  Great way to start the season.  Well done boys!!! Next game is December 12 @ Webutuck!

Basketball is a game of controlled aggression.  The Lady Redhawk’s passion was on display in the opening game of the season Monday night against Canaan.  The full court press proved too difficult for Canaan to handle, leading to fast break opportunities for Salisbury.  Emma, Sydney and Lola provided the bulk of the scoring with Sarah, Nichole and Charlotte Hazelton each contributed a bucket.  While it was nice to see a well rounded score sheet, the overall team effort on the defensive side of the court was the deciding factor of the game.  



Soccer Highlights

October 27:  On Wednesday, the boys’ soccer team traveled to Great Barrington to scrimmage the Rudolph Steiner team. Contrasting the bitter cold afternoon, Steiner got off to a hot start with 2 quick goals. Thanks to tremendous team by the defense, these proved to be Steiner’s only 2 goals of the game. Landon scored the first 2 for the Redhawks, which sparked the boys into action. Caleb also knocked in two goals, and James and Yves each scored second half goals to put the team into a comfortable lead. Pablo and Austin were the star goalies, each recorded some impressive saves that kept the momentum with the Hawks. Well done, boys. Good luck at the BCD tournament tomorrow!

October 24:  Back to Back League Champions!!!  The boys’ soccer team defeated a big and determined North Canaan team yesterday 8-3!  The boys saved their best game of the season for their last conference game.  Unlike most of the season, the boys took an earlier lead going up 3-0 with goals by Caleb, Landon, and Jake and assists from Caleb, Landon and James.  Pablo had his best game of the year saving 12 shots on goal and keeping the Redhawks ahead.  However, by halftime it was clear North Canaan wouldn’t back down as they scored before the half.  But the Redhawks had too much determination and wouldn’t be denied the championship.  Yves was able to tip in an easy goal from another great assist from Caleb.  However, Caleb wasn’t done as he added two more goals to complete his hat-trick including a beautiful goal off a direct free kick 30 yards out. The Redhawks scored one more as Landon provided a perfect pass to Zim who tucked the last one home for the boys.  Other notable performances were given by Garrett, Elijah, Easton, Austin, and Asa on defense and refused to let North Canaan score on multiple opportunities.  This game was a complete team win as every player made plays that contributed to the win.  Congratulations boys, Mr. Janco and Mr. Reilly are so proud of your season.  Last scrimmage is Wednesday at Rudolf Steiner, wish them luck!!!

October 20: The boys’ soccer team defeated Sharon last night, 10-3. The boys demonstrated their greatest teamwork of the year, by making clean passes, and recording numerous assists. Aman guarded the goal for the first 50 minutes of the game and made some remarkable saves. Kristen was the goalkeeper for the final 20 minutes of the game, and proved to be a fearless guardian of the goal. Jake was the star of the game with two assists and a goal. Landon also recorded two assists. Ruslan had one assist and one goal. Pablo and Zim each had 2 goals, and James, Garrett, Elijah, and Damien each scored one goal. Great teamwork, boys! If Salisbury wins it’s last regional game versus North Canaan on Monday, they will be the outright Regional Champions! Good luck!

 October 17: 
The boys’ soccer team defeated Sharon 7-1. Caleb  and Aman gave strong performances in the goal. Aman also recorded an assist on the first goal of the game, put in by Landon. James  had 2 goals, Austin, Garrett, Pablo, and Caleb also scored goals. Ruslan had an assist and overall, a very strong offensive performance. Zim and Elijah worked hard to create opportunities for the Redhawks. Great game, boys! They will take on Sharon again on Thursday, at the school.


October 13:  The boys’ team played yet another nail-biter at Foote Field last night. Even though the boys played hard, passed well, and made few mistakes, the Corn-Village team was able to slip ahead at the end of the game and take down the previously undefeated Redhawks, 4-3. Corn-Village pulled ahead 3-nothing in the first half, but Caleb was able to score 2 goals in the final minutes before halftime. One of his goals was a blistering shot from outside the 18. The Hawks kept the momentum going at the beginning of the second half when Caleb made a clean pass to Landon who delivered the goal in style to tie the game 3-3. James and Zim were star defenders, and Jake, Aman and Austin made stellar contributions to the offence. Pablo was the star goalie, holding the opponents to only 1 goal in the second half. Good luck next week, boys!

October 6:  Wednesday, the boys’ team beat Kent 4-3 in another hard fought battle. Despite being down practically the entire game, the boys never gave up hope. Caleb and Landon each had a goal in the first half. Caleb blasted in his 2nd and 3rd goals in the final minutes of the game to pull ahead of Kent and claim victory by the narrowest of margins. Ruslan, Yves, Griffin, and Aman gave their all to keep the ball on the Redhawks side of the field and create scoring opportunities. James, Caleb, and Pablo each spent time in goal and recorded critical saves that contributed to the Redhawks’ win. Well done boys, next game is on Thursday against Corn-Village.

October 3:  
The boys soccer team defeated a strong Kent team in a miraculous 4-3 victory after being down 3-0.  The Red Hawks were a little asleep the first 15 minutes of the game giving up two goals.  However, from then on it was their determination, hard work, and teamwork that dominated the rest of the game.  The Red Hawks began their comeback with a brilliant curving goal from Landon. Jake added his second goal of the season giving the Kent keeper no chance with an amazing shot to the right upper 90 corner.  Caleb  added the other two goals including the game winner after dribbling by 5 Kent players and then slid it past the keeper.  However, it was the Red Hawks team defense that allowed for this comeback with huge performances by Asa, Garrett, Elijah, Pablo, Otto, Austin, Easton and Landon.  It was an amazing never-give-up win to keep the Red Hawks undefeated at 3-0.  Well done boys! The boys play Kent again this Wednesday at Home. Wish them luck!

The girls soccer team lost (2-3) to a strong Kent team on Monday afternoon. There were a lot of positive aspects of this game despite the loss. Meg was the offensive star, giving 110% and scoring one of our two goals. Sydney added a goal early in the second half to increase Salisbury’s energy. Molly helped on the front line, showing huge improvement controlling the ball. Emma played a new position on the defensive end of the field.  She was one of the reasons we help Kent to a shutout in the second half.  Mia and Lola were again steady defensive players. We hope to see two halves played with the same intensity on Wednesday at home against the same Kent team.


September 29: The boys soccer team showed resilience and determination in a 6-4 win over their powerful North Canaan foes. After an early North Canaan goal, Jake  scored his first of the season and was able to keep the Hawks' spirits up. At the half, the beloved Redhawks were only down by one. Tough defensive performances by Asa, Kris, and Easton, with James in goal, held the opponents to only one goal in the second half. This gave Landon and Caleb a chance to work their magic. Landon scored 3 goals, including a header off of one of Caleb's corner kicks. Caleb scored twice, one of which was set up by a beautiful pass from Austin Bayer. The boys won 6-4, and are looking ahead to their first away game on Monday, against Kent.

The girls soccer team experienced a disappointing loss on Thursday afternoon against Canaan.  At halftime Canaan’s skilled offense put them up by two goals.  Salisbury had many opportunities to score in the second half but just couldn’t put the ball in the net.  Emma had a beautiful header off of a cross from Sydney that just missed the net.  Meg had a few nice corner kicks that weren’t capitalized on.  On defense, Lola, Midori and Mia held Canaan to a shut out the second half.  We look forward to playing them again later in the season.


September 27:  The Lady Redhawks improved their record to 2-0 yesterday with a 5-0 win against BCD. Sydney put Salisbury on the board early with a strong shot from outside the 18 which earned her the offensive star of the game. Emma scored 2 goals for SCS and Alexyss and Meg added one a piece. Lola was the defensive star of the game, playing stopper and sweeper. She made multiple clears, keeping the BCD offense away from our goal. Charlotte and Emma guarded our net and did not let BCD score. The girls face Canaan Thursday at home. Good luck girls! Keep up the good work.


September 26:  Yesterday the boys’ soccer team played a very tough Cornwall/Kellogg team at home on Trotta Field.  Salisbury was  able to outlast Cornvillage’s last charges and win 5-4 for their first win of the season!  The Redhawks offense was dominated by Landon and Caleb.  Landon scored the first hat trick of the year for the Redhawks while assisting one of Caleb’s goals.  Caleb added another goal from an assist from Jake and also assisted two of Landon’s goals.  Pablo and Austin combined for a total of 12 saves to keep the Redhawks ahead.  Other notable performances were given by James, Garrett, and Elijah who held off many Cornvillage attacks in the second half. Well done Redhawks! Our next game is Thursday at home vs. North Canaan.

The girls soccer team enjoyed their first win of the season against the Cornwall/Falls Village team on Monday.  Captains Meg, Mia and Emma led the team showing great sportsmanship against a much weaker team.  Sydney, Meg, Molly, Lola, Josie, Kirstyn and Emma each scored a goal. Meanwhile the defensive team led by Mia, Midori, Charlotte. and Jazmine, held the opposing team to zero goals.  Charlotte, Meg and Emma all played in goal and recorded a shut-out. The girls look forward to a challenging game against BCD on Tuesday at home.