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Academic/Athletic Policy

Participation on a school's interscholastic athletic team is a privilege and not a right. Academics will be a priority, and student athletes are required to meet and maintain academic and behavioral standards. At any evaluation point a student athlete must not be in danger of failing any of his or her courses. Any student athlete not conforming to this academic standard shall be prohibited from participating in interscholastic competition until the school has determined that the matter has been properly addressed.

In addition, if at any evaluation point it is determined that the student athlete is demonstrating a pattern of behavior that is detrimental to their academic achievement and progress, a plan of action will be implemented to most effectively remedy the situation.

Each student athlete must also be in good standing regarding his or her school's Code of Conduct. Any student athlete not conforming to this behavioral standard shall be prohibited from participating in interscholastic competition until the school determines that the matter has been properly addressed.

Action Plan Procedure:

When it has been determined that a student athlete is in danger of failing a class OR is demonstrating a pattern of behavior detrimental to his or her academic progress, the following steps will be taken:

  • A phone call will be made to a parent/guardian notifying him or her of the situation.
  • Upon notification of the parent/guardian, the student athlete will be referred to the middle school team, where the process of developing a positive intervention action plan will begin.
  • Elements of the action plan will include whether or not the student will be placed on academic probation regarding their athletics, as well as establishing a date to review whether or not progress has been made

Permission Slip

Interscholastic After-School Sports Permission Slip


All students wishing to participate in the after-school sports program must be enrolled in the regular school insurance plan OR submit a note signed by a parent or legal guardian stating that the student has adequate coverage. Such a note may be written on the bottom of this sheet. Students are covered for injuries incurred during scheduled practices and contests by participation in the school insurance plan.

In compliance with school policy concerning students engaged in the after-school sports program, physicals are required of all participants. Every year families provide the school with a copy of their child's physical. The school nurse MUST have a copy of your child's physical before he/she can compete in interscholastic athletics.

Please fill out and sign the following permission slip and return it to school as soon as possible. If you are not enrolled in the school insurance plan, please use the bottom of the slip to indicate that you have adequate coverage. If your child wishes to participate in more than one sport during this school year, please indicate so on the form. No further permission forms will be necessary.

My child,________________________________________________ 
has my permission to participate in the after-school sports program at Salisbury Central School. 
NOTE: This also includes permission to remain after school for all scheduled practices.

Permission is granted to participate in the following sports: 
(Check those applicable.)
_____ Soccer (Boys or Girls)                           _____ Softball (Girls)
_____ Basketball (Boys or Girls)                      _____ Baseball (Boys)

Please check the appropriate insurance information.
We are enrolled in the school insurance plan. _____
We have adequate insurance separate from the school plan._____

____________________________________    ________________
Signature of parent of guardian                           Date

Soccer Season


Soccer Highlights

September 16th: Girls Game v. Mount Everett 

The girls had a tough fought loss against Mount Everett on Tuesday. The team worked hard to pass the ball but struggled to get around the strong Mount Everett Defense leaving us with no goals. Tess did an absolutely phenomenal job protecting the net saving more goals that we could count. Her positive attitude and strong leadership helped the defense stay strong through a tough first half. Lola, Lou and Becca dominated the game by keeping the pressure up to score while managing to get back and help out the defense. Ayla and Georgie had high energy throughout the entire game and were the defensive stars of the game. While SCS girls did not win, they kept their heads held high, maintained good sportsmanship and are ready to take on Canaan on Thursday at NCC. 

Boys Game @ Mount Everett 

Yesterday the boys battled but lost to a strong and experienced Mount Everett team. The boys found some rhythm in the first half working together and passing the ball well. Mount Everett’s defense was big and quick and stifled many of our runs forward. Omar played goalie for most of the game and saved 9 shots and Tanner finished the game in goal with 5 saves. Strong performances were given on defense by Kobe, Pierce, and Kevin. Sam, Jacob, Fritz, and Mason all worked extremely hard and well together in the midfield. Next game is Thursday at North Canaan.