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Academic/Athletic Policy

Participation on a school's interscholastic athletic team is a privilege and not a right. Academics will be a priority, and student athletes are required to meet and maintain academic and behavioral standards. At any evaluation point a student athlete must not be in danger of failing any of his or her courses. Any student athlete not conforming to this academic standard shall be prohibited from participating in interscholastic competition until the school has determined that the matter has been properly addressed.

In addition, if at any evaluation point it is determined that the student athlete is demonstrating a pattern of behavior that is detrimental to their academic achievement and progress, a plan of action will be implemented to most effectively remedy the situation.

Each student athlete must also be in good standing regarding his or her school's Code of Conduct. Any student athlete not conforming to this behavioral standard shall be prohibited from participating in interscholastic competition until the school determines that the matter has been properly addressed.

Action Plan Procedure:

When it has been determined that a student athlete is in danger of failing a class OR is demonstrating a pattern of behavior detrimental to his or her academic progress, the following steps will be taken:

  • A phone call will be made to a parent/guardian notifying him or her of the situation.
  • Upon notification of the parent/guardian, the student athlete will be referred to the middle school team, where the process of developing a positive intervention action plan will begin.
  • Elements of the action plan will include whether or not the student will be placed on academic probation regarding their athletics, as well as establishing a date to review whether or not progress has been made

Permission Slip

Interscholastic After-School Sports Permission Slip


All students wishing to participate in the after-school sports program must be enrolled in the regular school insurance plan OR submit a note signed by a parent or legal guardian stating that the student has adequate coverage. Such a note may be written on the bottom of this sheet. Students are covered for injuries incurred during scheduled practices and contests by participation in the school insurance plan.

In compliance with school policy concerning students engaged in the after-school sports program, physicals are required of all participants. Every year families provide the school with a copy of their child's physical. The school nurse MUST have a copy of your child's physical before he/she can compete in interscholastic athletics.

Please fill out and sign the following permission slip and return it to school as soon as possible. If you are not enrolled in the school insurance plan, please use the bottom of the slip to indicate that you have adequate coverage. If your child wishes to participate in more than one sport during this school year, please indicate so on the form. No further permission forms will be necessary.

My child,________________________________________________ 
has my permission to participate in the after-school sports program at Salisbury Central School. 
NOTE: This also includes permission to remain after school for all scheduled practices.

Permission is granted to participate in the following sports: 
(Check those applicable.)
_____ Soccer (Boys or Girls)                           _____ Softball (Girls)
_____ Basketball (Boys or Girls)                      _____ Baseball (Boys)

Please check the appropriate insurance information.
We are enrolled in the school insurance plan. _____
We have adequate insurance separate from the school plan._____

____________________________________    ________________
Signature of parent of guardian                           Date

April 30: The Lady Redhawks headed to North Canaan on Tuesday. They fought a hard battle, but came up short. Even though they walked away with a loss, the girls played very well and made some huge improvements from their first game. Molly was one of the stand out players. She pitched seven innings, had five strikeouts, eight walks and only allowed four hits. She was also involved in twelve out of the teams eighteen outs. Becca was another defensive star. She had a beautiful line drive snap at second base to end an inning. Zoe had another great game! She had two walks, two singles, and scored every time she was on base. Leila and Allison were critical in the outfield by knocking down three bombs and preventing Canaan from running away with the game. The team is scheduled to play against Sharon on their home field on Thursday.

The untested baseball team traveled to North Canaan on Tuesday Afternoon for their first game of the season. A combination of walks and steller base running allowed the Redhawks to score 2 runs in the first inning. Dylan pitched 4 outstanding innings with 7 strikeouts, although the defense gave up 2 unearned runs and North Canaan was able to tie the game. This did not deter the Hawks, who found their groove with the bats during the second half of the game. Dylan had two hits and an RBI. Ryan knocked in two RBIs and scored twice more himself. Graham closed the game and recorded 5 strikeouts. Thanks to clutch plays in the field by Michael and Ryan, the Redhawks secured a 10-4 win over North Canaan. Well done boys.

April 29:
The Lady Redhawks started their season with a tough 19-13 loss to Fallwall yesterday. Our girls came out strong with an 8-2 lead after two innings. Unfortunately, our ten errors caught up with us and Fallwall took the lead late in the game. Catherine pitched the final inning, making two of the three outs. Salisbury had eight singles hit by Catherine who made two back to back line drive snags on the mound in the fourth inning. The offensive star was Zoe who reached base three times with two walks and a single. She crossed the plate three times for SCS. The girls head to Canaan Tuesday and hope to bring home a victory.



Basketball Highlights

January 10:  The Lady Redhawks opened the New Year with a win at Sharon yesterday 29-14. Leighton was the high scorer with 17 including one from behind the arc for a 3 pointer, Mia notched 6 points including a three of her own, Ari and Leila both scored 2. The girls defensive effort was highlighted by a steal from Karin at the top of the key in the 2nd half. The Lady Redhawks scored 10 points in the first half and then put their offensive pedal to the metal finishing out the game with 19 2nd half points. Great start to 2019! Next game will be Monday 1/14 at Kent.

Yesterday the boys defeated a tough and resilient Maplebrook team 49-32. The boys started the game with intensity and a high level of energy and went on a 9-0 run. Offensively the boys were locked in. They moved the ball around to teammates and found open shots and buried them. Captains Ryan and Graham led the redhawks in scoring with 15 and 11 points. Defensively the boys were just as efficient and relentless. Davonte was the defensive player of the game ripping down big rebounds against Maplebrook’s tall center and blocking countless shots that their guards took. The highlight of the night came in the 4th quarter. Caiden

December 20:   Yesterday the boys won their fifth game of the season by a score of 47-38. The boys played tremendous defense limiting the North Canaan team to only 12 points in the first half! The Captains, Graham, Caleb, and Ryan were like a three headed monster and scored 10, 17, and 12 points. The boys played another very unselfish game where they moved the ball from side to side and from high to low to get some easy shots and layups. The hustle play of the game came from Ryan who stole the ball ran the length of the court, missed his layup, but ripped the rebound away from a North Canaan defender and put it up for a layup. The defensive play of the game came from Davonte who stood his ground nice and tall and drew the first charge of the season! What courage! Have a wonderful holiday and break and we’ll see you next year!

The Girl’s Basketball Team hosted the last game of 2018 against North Canaan. The girls suffered a tough 41 to 15 loss. The starting 5 were Ari, Mia, Kaitlyn, Leila and Zoe. The girls played good defense but was not enough to stop Canaan’s offense. The top scorers for the game was Zoe with 5 points followed by Mia and Leila with 4 and Rebecca with a perfect shot at the elbow, putting 2 points on the board. 2019, the girls will start off the year great! Everyone have a safe, amazing winter break and see you all in the New Year!

December 13:  
Ari, Mia, Leila, Leighton and Hannah were the starting 5 for the Redhawks yesterday and earned them their second win of the season by defeating Sharon 42-10. Leila got the offense started by pouring 4 quick points, Leighton was the high scorer with 12 points, followed by Mia who put in 9 with one from 3 point range in the first quarter, and Allison got in the scorebook with her 2 points. The redhawks played stifling defense in the first quarter holding Sharon to a total of zero points and didn’t hold back the entire game. Salisbury is now 2-3 on the season with what will be an exciting game at home against Canaan on Thursday. Come cheer on your teams before Winter Break begins!

The boys had their fourth win of the season yesterday against Cornwall/Kellogg/Sharon by a score of 43-25. The boys played amazing, team, and unselfish basketball on offense having almost every player score. Defensively the boys played tough, intense defense but got into some big foul trouble. This allowed some players on the bench to step up and play big minutes for the Redhawks. Andrej and Myles forced many turnovers and steals with their pressure defence and quick hands. Gabe grabbed many important rebounds and made some great passes and assists on offense. But the C/K/S team used some intense full court pressure that forced a lot of turnovers by the boys. C/K/S never quit and started to make a game by getting to the foul line. Ryan and Davonte led the Redhawks in scoring and finished the game strong for their teammates. Next game is Thursday Home vs. North Canaan. Come support the boys!

December 10:  The girls lost to Steiner in another intense, nail biting game, 15-14. The starting 5 for this game was Ari, Mia, Leighton, Zoe and Hannah. It was a low scoring game but the Redhawk ladies played with a high level of energy. The girls stole the ball almost every time Steiner had possession but they could not fully execute the fast breaks. The last play of the game, with 10 seconds left, Ari took the ball out of bounds, passed it to Leighton on the 3-point line while Hannah set the screen and it was a nothing-but-net-basket. It was too late in the game to comeback but the girls never gave up. Ari and Leighton were the top scorers of the game, Ari had 4 points and Leighton had 5 points.  Come support the Salisbury girls as they take on Sharon at home on Thursday at 3:45!

The boys won their third game of the season against Steiner by a score of 47-29. The boys had one of their best offensive games of the season as well as their most unselfish. Seven boys scored! Graham his best game of the season leading all scorers with 14 and ripping down some huge rebounds. Ryan and Caleb had great offensive games with 10 and 9 points each. Braden made his first start of the season. The redhawks got some big contributions on defense from players off the bench. Myles, Gabe, Caiden, and Andrej all helped by boxing out players, grabbed big rebounds, and created many turnovers with their pressure. Well done boys! Next game is Thursday at Cornwall!

December 6:  

The girl’s lost their second game of the young season against Kent yesterday at home by the score of 32-22. The starting 5 consisted of Ariana, Mia, Leighton, Zoe, and Leila. Leighton and Hannah were the Redhawks highest scorers followed by Mia finishing the game with 5 points, and Zoe had a bucket good for 2 points. The highlight of the game came by way of Mia who knocked down a three to pull within 3 points in a strong 2nd quarter surge. The girls never stopped hustling the entire game. Their hard work does not go unnoticed. Salisbury will be on the road next Monday to play Steiner.

The boys played a talented and well-coached Kent team yesterday and lost their first game of the season with a score of 44-28. The first half Kent came out with much more energy and intensity than the Redhawks. The boys found themselves in a big hole and were out-rebounded and out-hustled. The second half was a completely different Redhawks team! The boys finally found their intensity and energy and started to give Kent a game, especially the 4th quarter. Ryan had his best game of the season finishing with 17 points and started to bring up the team’s intensity. The Redhawks outplayed Kent in the 4th quarter thanks to Ryan, Graham, Braden, Andrej, Myles, and Caiden. Congratulations to Braden and Gabe, who scored their first baskets of the season! The boys will be looking to turn things back around Monday when they travel to play Steiner

December 3:  
The girl’s suffered their first loss of the season yesterday in an overtime nail biter, 23-22. The girls were in the lead but in the last minute of the game North Canaan was able to score a basket leading them to the win. The girls had yet another strong defensive outing and refused to give up the entire game. The starting 5 consisted of Ariana, Mia, Leighton, Hannah, and Leila. Leighton again was the top scorer with 10 points with Mia and Hannah both scoring 4. Their perseverance is witnessed by all. The next game will be home for the Redhawks as they host Kent this Thursday.

The boys won their second game of the season yesterday against Canaan! The boys played tremendous intense basketball. Caleb and Davonte led all scorers with 11 and 10 points. They also ripped down some big rebounds. The defensive player of the game was Graham. He didn’t let a single player by him with his quick feet and out-rebounded Canaan on the weak side all by himself. The plays of the game were Andrej scoring his first baskets of the season, Sam taking it strong to the basket, scoring the layup, and getting fouled for an And 1, and DJ making his debut and tapped into his inner Allen Iverson skills to score a basket. Well done boys! Next game is this Thursday against Kent at Salisbury. Come support your teams!

November 29: Yesterday, the boys had their first game of the season against Cornwall/Kellogg/Sharon. The game started with the Redhawks looking like they were shot out of a cannon. They jumped out to an 11-0 lead in the first quarter. The boys played tremendous pressure defense. Ryan forced a couple steals with his anticipation and quickness and Davonte provided an intimidating presence inside with some monster rejections. The first half ended with the boys leading 17-5. However, CKS wouldn’t go away quietly. Their full court pressure rattled the boys a few times but they moved the ball well to get open and easy shots. In the end, the boys defense was what won them the game. The team rebounded together, pressured the ball together, and forced many turnovers and bad shots. Ryan led the Redhawks with 13, Caleb and Davonte each had 8 points, and Graham added 4. Great start to the season boys! Next game is at North Canaan on Monday!

The girl’s started off this 2018-2019 basketball season with a victory over Kellogg/Cornwall (36-10). The starting 5 consisted of Ariana, Mia, Leighton, Zoe and Hannah. Leighton was the top scorer for the Redhawks with 18 points, Ari and Mia both finished with 6 points. Those point totals can be attributed to the excellent passing by the team and the fact that they played great defense, which gave the Redhawks the opportunity to break out in fast breaks. Their ability to properly execute their plays helped seal their win. Adding to the strong defense effort was Mia, Ari, and Kaitlyn, coming off the bench, whose excellent defense contributed to steals. Salisbury will to travel to North Canaan on Monday for their next contest.  

Soccer Season


Soccer Highlights

September 27: The girls entered their second game of the season with a lot of energy leading them to a victory against Kent. While they ended the first half with a tie 0-0 score, they came into the second half of the game enthusiastic and ready to win. Kaitlyn put the first goal in the back of the net, followed by a goal from Molly. Kent was able to break past our strong defense and score a goal with 15 minutes left in the half. Molly was able to score another goal followed by Hannah scoring our final goal of the game. We finished the game with a strong score of 4-1.  Mia and Caroline both worked diligently to protect our goal. Mia was the spark of the second half bringing new energy to the offense. Olivia dominated the defense with her strong kick. Catherine was able to improve her skills in the second half with control over the ball. Leighton gets the hustle award for her tireless effort and smart playing throughout the game. Our next game is away at North Canaan on Monday October 1st.

On Thursday the boys traveled to Kent and faced a well-matched team. Kent scored with a corner kick in the first minute of the game. This fired up the defense. Jerome, Caiden, Gabriel, and DJ led the impenetrable defense and kept Kent from scoring for the next 75 minutes. During this time, goal keepers Graham and Zach dazzled the crowd with 14 saves.  In the meantime, Salisbury’s offense made smart plays and created opportunities to score. Salisbury’s first goal came when Oscar sent a clean pass upfield to Ryan who buried it in the back of the net. Ryan also recorded an assist with a pass to Davonte who found an opening and finessed the ball into the goal. For most of the second half the score remained Salisbury 2, Kent 1. Then, in the final minutes of the game Kent took advantage of a loose ball and tied the score. The game ended in a 2-2 tie. Good playing, boys!

September 24:  The girls soccer team opened their season with a tough fought loss against Canaan yesterday. Canaan got on the board first, but Kaitlyn tied it up with a touch past the Canaan goalie. Shortly after, Canaan scored again, but Molly put it in the back of the net to tie it up 2-2. Unfortunately, Canaan scored two more goals in the second half to make the final score 4-2. The Redhawks possessed the ball for most of the game, but they had a hard time getting past Canaan’s strong line of defense. Zoe gets the hustle award for giving 110% the entire game. Olivia was the defensive star with many clears that kept Canaan away from our goal. Mia and Hannah worked hard to protect Salisbury’s goal. The girls host Kent at Trotta field on Thursday. 

The boys team started off their season with a dominating win over North Canaan.  From the sound of the whistle, the boys came out like a “ferrari in a small town,” as Mr. Reilly put it. Caleb and Ryan both scored and assisted each other in the first 5 minutes of the game. Ryan also gave another cross that bounced in the box and found Andrej at the back post for another goal. The first half also saw goals from Graham and a second one from Ryan. The second half began and the boys didn’t let off the gas with their intensity and hustle. Oscar and Davonte both netted goals through their determination and aggressiveness. The Salisbury defense was headlined by Zach and Graham in goal saving a combined 10 shots. The score finished 7-0. Mr. Janco and Mr. Reilly were so impressed and proud of how together the team played and communicated with one another. Next game is at home at school field against Kent!