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This year's musical is -

Spring musicals at Salisbury used to be something of the past. That is, until this year. The students at SCS have been exposed to smaller theatrical productions for many years, whether it be in the classroom setting, after school through SOAR, or in the community. They got bit by the bug and wanted more! A group of 4th grade students did some research and were encouraged by their teacher to speak to the principal about their desire for a spring production. This group met with Mrs. Carter weekly and expressed their vision of a "Broadway-quality" musical in the spring.

They were quick to involve school paraprofessional and local actress Becky Sawicki to produce, direct, and choreograph the show, and music teacher, Athena Halkiotis, to accompany the production. The kids have gone through a "no cut" audition to land their roles in this year's production in order to learn about the audition process in musical theatre.

Due to lack of funding, the students and parents have been fundraising since February to raise money for the production. They have secured grants from local organizations and the student council, but it still isn't enough for "Broadway-quality" (please note that in the eyes of a 4th grader, "Broadway-quality" means full costumes, a complete set, hair, makeup, lights and sound- not millions of dollars!). Please help us raise the necessary funds to give these young students a new opportunity to explore the arts!     


Our MIssion -

Our Mission: At SCS we believe that theatre is a way to explore and gain confidence. This confidence not only shows on stage, but also in the classroom and in all aspects of life.