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Who's Who of SOAR

Linda Sloane
Program Director: teacher and educational consultant

Board of DirectorsBoard

 Keith Marks - Board Chair

Katie Baldwin - Vice President

Darcy Boynton - Program Liaison

Helen Hom  Diamond - Secretary

Emily Vail - Treasurer

Seth Churchill

David Diamond

Caitlin Leddy

Ben Metcalf

Liza Pinder Steinmetz

Doug Weisman



Program Committee

Stephanie Magyar - Salisbury Central School Principal and parent

Kelly Churchill - parent

Jenni Hill - teacher and parent

Darcy Boynton - program liaison, SOAR instructor and teacher

Brendan Reilly - middle school teacher

Claudine Mallory - teacher and parent

Nora Yasumura - educator and parent

Kristen Neary - teacher and parent

Molly Salisbury - Scoville Library children's librarian

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Class Catalog

What Is SOAR

SOAR/SCS Enrichment Fund is the educational enrichment program of Salisbury Central School.  We provide dynamic learning opportunities to build on the strong foundation of school-day curriculum and our programming reaches every student at Salisbury Central School.  We rely on the generous support of parents and members of the community to sustain our programming – SOAR is 100% privately funded. 
SOAR is administered by our Program Director, and a committee of program volunteers comprised of current parents and community members – with skills and experience in education and in a broad range of professions.  This dynamic team works to identify enrichment opportunities to supplement and enhance the learning experience for the children of SCS.
The hallmark of our program is affordable and engaging after-school workshops.  These workshops are taught by highly-regarded and skilled members of our community, matching student interest with local talent. The early seeds of possibility are planted here as bonds are made between young learners and experienced members of their trades – musicians, fine artists, fitness professionals, mathematicians, engineers, chefs, scientists.  These sparks ignite passion in our students, and the format of the classes allows students to emerge and shine who may have some challenge navigating a traditional school day. 
The Program Committee also works with SCS teachers to identify opportunities to provide grant money to supplement their school-day curriculum.  Past projects have included a second grade photography project, development of a flash mob for the eighth graders to perform on their class trip to DC and learning about old-school toy-making as part of fifth grade colonial times social studies.
SOAR also sponsors several all-school assemblies each year.  We stage our drama and music programming for all students during the school day, and our Program Committee identifies outside organizations to provide two assemblies that mesh with themes across grades for the students of SCS.

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